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The NUBAA Student Based Initiatives

Roll up your sleeves, NUBAA Nation! Lend your creativity and expertise to one of our Student Based Initiatives in a real world way.

NUBAA aims to support undergraduate and graduate professional development through Student Based Initiatives. NUBAA members provide students invaluable support in the areas of mentoring, speaker events, internships and externships, full time career opportunities, alumni collaboration, and other activities borne from students’ creativity.

NUBAA Arts Initiative

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NUBAA Athletic Initiative
What’s the skinny on a career in Athletics? What are the skills needed to succeed on and off the field?

NUBAA Business and Entrepreneurship Initiative
Want inside knowledge on running your own business college? Possess work experience and looking to move up a level?

NUBAA Engineering Initiative
Wondering what opportunities exist with that engineering degree? How have you put that engineering degree to use for you?

NUBAA Journalism Initiative
Enjoy storytelling? Have an inquisitive nature? Want to be the voice of the people?

NUBAA Health Initiative
Want tips on how to make it through medical school? Seeking research opportunities?

NUBAA Law Initiative
How does law school teaching differ from undergraduate? What you need to know to succeed in a law firm that they do not teach in law school?

Interested in participating? Ready to give back?

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Are you a student looking for a mentor or to connect with an alum looking to make a difference?

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For information on the activities and events of the NUBAA Student Based Initiatives, contact the coordinator. To serve as a coordinator, contact NUBAA Programming Co-Chair, Opeyemi Kusoro.