Many promising students require financial support to attend Northwestern. In fact, African-American students at Northwestern carry a higher than average financial aid load than the general student population. NUBAA uses our menu of scholarships to address this need, therein fostering diversity at Northwestern.

The NUBAA Achievement Scholarship Fund is our long-term fund aimed at providing financial aid to high achieve incoming and existing students. Since its inception in 2015, we have raised over $100,000 and have awarded over $50,0000 in scholarships to deserving undergraduates.

In 2016, NUBAA awarded over $52,000 to students at Northwestern University to offset other considerations that may lead to their attending other universities or make their university experience defined by financial hardship. Our goal is simple. We want those students already acknowledged as the best and brightest to choose Northwestern.

Our anchor programming – The Destination Homecoming Gala, The NUBAA Summit & Salute to Excellence, the NUBAA Student Based Initiatives (mentoring), and the NUBAA Multi-City Mixers – is designed to support NUBAA Scholarships. Whether you participate in NUBAA events or donate directly, your giving is crucial in the support of our students and our alma mater.


Please write the scholarship name in the memo section of your check and send it payable to

Northwestern University
Northwestern University Black Alumni Association
1201 Davis Street
Evanston, IL 60208


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For more information on the NUBAA Scholarships contact NUBAA President Jeffrey Sterling.