Voting has officially begun for the 2017-19 terms for NUBAA Vice-President and Treasurer. 

Here are the candidates for NUBAA Vice-President (in alphabetic order):


  • Jeniece Fleming (SESP ’09)
  • Shannon Moorer (WCAS, ’88)
  • Sonia Waters (SESP, ’89)

Here is the candidate for NUBAA Treasurer:

  • Daryl Newell (WCAS, ’86, KSM, ’07)

Should you wish to review their responses to the questions on the candidates’ application, click here for the Vice-Presidential Candidates and click here for the Candidate for Treasurer.

In order to vote, you must be an active member of NUBAA. You may become a NUBAA member by clicking here, completing the application process and subsequently being verified. Once you are an active NUBAA member, send an email to Only one vote per member is allowed and only one vote from any given email address is allowed. Votes may be disqualified based on failure to adhere to the above guidelines at the discretion of the NUBAA Elections Committee.

Voting ends June 16th, 2017 at 5 pm CDT.

Thank you and good luck to the candidates for offering themselves in service, and thank you for your support of NUBAA and Northwestern University. Go Cats!